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36,40 EUR*
Details Asterisk-Hacking

Asterisk Hacking Shows readers about a hacking technique they may not be aware of. This title teaches the secrets the bad guys already know about stealing personal information through the most common, seemingly innocuous, highway into computer ...

23,62 EUR*
Details Hacking-Digital-Media-and-Technological-Determinism-DMS-Digital-Media-and-Society

Hacking Hacking provides an introduction to the community of hackers and an analysis of the meaning of hacking in twenty-first century societies. One the one hand, hackers infect the computers of the world, entering where they are not invited, taking ...

45,95 EUR*
Details Gray-Hat-Hacking-The-Ethical-Hackers-Handbook-Fourth-Edition

By Harris, Shon ( Author ) [ Gray Hat Hacking the Ethical Hacker's Handbook, Fourth Edition (Revised) By Jan-2015 Paperback

172,99 EUR*
Details Corporate-Hacking-and-Technology-Driven-Crime-Social-Dynamics-and-Implications

"This book addresses various aspects of hacking and technology-driven crime, including the ability to understand computer-based threats, identify and examine attack dynamics, and find solutions"--Provided by publisher.

26,12 EUR*
Details Hacking-a-Terror-Network-The-Silent-Threat-of-Covert-Channels

Hacking a Terror Network Uses a fictional narrative to 'insider's look' into technically sophisticated covert terrorist communications over the Internet. This title addresses the technical possibilities of Covert Channels in combination with a very ...